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Indo-Hellenic Research Centre offers membership to all those Institutions, Organizations, Business, Industry and Corporate Bodies, Universities, Colleges, Departments, Teachers, Research scholars and students who are interested in the field of Greek and Indo-Hellenic Studies, Classics, Historical, Cultural and Civilizational Studies.


Membership provides following privileges to the members of the Centre: 

  1. Regular information related to all upcoming events of the Centre.
  2. Access to the library and research repository of the Centre.
  3. Invitation to group meetings and excursion tours organized by the Centre.
  4. Invitation to the Seminars and Conferences organized by the Centre.
  5. Up to 40% discount on purchase of the publications by the Centre.
  6. Other privileges will be given on time to time basis as decided by the Management of the Centre.

For Individuals

  • Annual Membership ( 1 year) : Fee: ₹ 1500/-          (INR 3000/- for Foreigners)
  • Associate Membership (5 years): Fee: ₹ 7000/-    (INR 14000/- for Foreigners) 
  • Life Membership (15 years) :  Fee: ₹ 15,000/-       (INR 30000/- for Foreigners)
For Institutions
  • Social, Cultural & Educational Institution Membership (5 years): Fee: ₹ 50,000/-   (INR 100000/- for Foreigners)
  • Corporate, Industry & Business Membership (5 years): Fee: ₹ 100000/-                   (INR 200000/- for Foreigners)